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CE Marking

On 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD). Up to that date CE Marking had been voluntary within the UK but under the CPR, CE Marking became mandatory.


The CPR requires that construction products that are covered by a harmonised European Standard are CE marked when they are placed on the market within the EU. Also some products for which there is a European Technical Agreement (ETAG) have to be CE marked.


CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of applicable technical standards and in the case of curtain wall and windows the “manufacturer” is the specialist sub-contractor.


Glazed façades are made from numerous components and products that may in their own right be CE marked by the supplier e.g. glass units but the specialist sub-contractor takes these components and “makes them into something” that then goes to market.


To CE mark a construction product, the specialist sub-contractor has to provide documentary evidence that their product meets the required standard, demonstrating to specifiers, contractors, building inspectors, Trading Standards, etc, that the product complies with the essential requirements as stated within BS EN 14351-1 for windows / doors and BS EN 13080 for curtain walling.


Examples of products that a sub-contractor has to document are:

  • Windows and doors

  • Curtain walling

  • Structural sealant glazing

  • Rainscreen walling (panels only, not a built up system)

  • Double skin insulated panels

  • Glass

  • Insulated glazing units

  • Construction fixings 

The list of performance criteria, particularly for curtain wall, that need to be covered by CE marking is extensive and can take the form of historical or project test data or calculations as applicable.


Examples of the elements that need to be covered are below.


As well as the performance criteria the sub-contractor must be able to provide evidence of Factory Production Control procedures and that they have been carried out.


Whilst the specialist sub-contractor must ultimately submit the CE documentation, FEASL can assist in this process by collating test data, calculations etc and producing documents ready for sign-off.

See our downloads section for examples.


This service removes this additional burden on the design project designers and allows them to continue with the production of drawings, material ordering etc without neglecting important documentation that must be issued.

Note. re Factory Production Control procedures.


Products may fall into “System 1” or “System 3” categories as dictated by CPR.


Generally façade glazing products will be System 3 but products that may be classed as “life saving” e.g. fire resistant screens, emergency exit doors, smoke evacuation vents, are System 1.

The fabrication System 3 products may be controlled by the sub-contractors own FPC but if supplying System 1 products the FPC must have been assessed and accredited by a Notified Body.


FEASL can advise on applicable bodies that can provide this accreditation.

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