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Specification reviews

FEASL can deliver objective advice on product and performance specifications at all stages of the evolution of a project, assisting all members of the design team.

Architects and developers may benefit from our specialist knowledge to ensure that products that may be chosen, perhaps for aesthetic reasons, will also achieve the various performance levels desired. Often this may not be the case and regulatory requirements may also affect the eventual result.

Reconciling these potential inconsistencies at the commencement of the project will aid in eliminating potential disputes that can often ensue if the client’s full expectations cannot be met.

Once a Main Contractor is appointed FEASL can assist them with appointment of a Specialist sub-contractor, assessing their proposals for compliance and if required can remain with a project to liaise with the specialist and evaluate project design and technical submissions.


Specialist sub-contractors may benefit from advice on how to meet project specifications and select suitable products.


If suitable advice hasn’t been sought at the early stages of the project then an inappropriate specification uniting a product with an unachievable performance desire can be problematic and challenging to resolve often dragging long into the lifecycle of the design. FEASL can provide support to resolve such issues, create Technical Submission documents and liaise to enable solutions agreeable to all.


FEASL can assist at any stage of the project so please contact us to discuss how we may help.


In addition to the review of specification and performance FEASL can also undertake reviews of designs and drawings, please see Design Reviews for further details.


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Change of Address

Please note we have moved offices into Suite 8 at Tradmark House.

All other details remian unchanged.

Luke Norton


We are pleased to welcome Luke to the company in a full-time role. He has previously assisted us with CAD and thermal modelling in a part time basis whilst completing his BTEC college course.

Luke has now accepted the offer of an apprenticeship with us and will be combining with Digital Engineering studies at Dudley College of Technology.

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