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Off site acoustic testing

Whilst some useful information can be gained from historical component and system test data these are often based upon standard sample sizes and the actual project façade configuration may affect the actual sound insulation values achieved.


It is difficult to assess the actual performance from a desktop study and the only way to gain a true indication is to project test.


FEASL can advise and manage the testing process and with a track record of managing many successful tests for specialist sub-contractors the methods to achieve positive results are well understood.


FEASL will;

  • Liaise with test house to create Method Statements for technical submittal.

  • Liaise with test house to ascertain availability and program testing works.

  • Coordinate test drawings with designers.

  • Upon completion of test sample drawings, coordinate rig support structure design with the test house.

  • In conjunction with the sub-contractors fixing team manage the installation of the test sample at the test house ensuring compliance with the detail design drawings and system supplier recommendations as applicable.

  • Arrange for system supplier’s engineers to attend to assist with installation if required.

  • Witness testing.

  • Provide written reports. And photographic evidence throughout the process.


Please contact Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited to discuss your requirements and how we may assist towards a rewarding testing process.

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Luke Norton


We are pleased to welcome Luke to the company in a full-time role. He has previously assisted us with CAD and thermal modelling in a part time basis whilst completing his BTEC college course.

Luke has now accepted the offer of an apprenticeship with us and will be combining with Digital Engineering studies at Dudley College of Technology.

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