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Off site weather performance testing

Off-site performance testing can be a critical element to verifying the performance of the chosen façade solution.


Standard system solutions will have historical test data but often a project may dictate the need to test to prove interface details.


Bespoke systems or variants that cannot be backed by historical data should command the need to test.


The foundation to successful product selection and testing is to specify an appropriate regime to demonstrate the performance.


FEASL will review specified test standards and performance criteria to confirm their suitability for the product being tested and relevance to the finished project.


e.g. opening windows and doors should not be subjected to the same testing as fixed glazed curtain wall.


FEASL can act for the client, architect or main contractor to witness off-site testing if required.


Sub-contractors however may benefit to great extent as FEASL can advise and manage the testing process on their behalf, thus allowing the project design team to concentrate on the progression of the project works.


With a track record of managing many successful tests for both specialist sub-contractors and system houses the methods to achieve positive results are well understood.


FEASL will:

  • Review the project specification and advise on appropriateness of the proposed regime.

  • Liaise with test house to create Method Statements for technical submittal.

  • Liaise with test house to ascertain availability and program testing works.

  • Coordinate test drawings with designers.

  • Upon completion of test sample drawings, coordinate rig support structure design with the test house.

  • In conjunction with the sub-contractors fixing team, manage the installation of the test sample at the test house ensuring compliance with the detail design drawings and system supplier recommendations as applicable.

  • Arrange for system supplier’s engineers to attend to assist with installation if required.

  • Witness testing.

  • Provide written reports. And photographic evidence throughout the process.

Window and door testing
CWCT Seq B facade test

Please contact Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited to discuss your requirements and how we may assist towards a rewarding testing process.

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