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On site weather testing

Whilst off-site performance testing will show that a standard system or project solution can satisfy the weather resistance specified, on-site testing is critical to verify the installation workmanship and give confidence that the in-situ façade will also perform as required.


It is imperative that an appropriate testing regime is chosen to demonstrate the performance and FEASL will review specified test standards and performance criteria to confirm their suitability for the product being tested and relevance to the finished project.

e.g. opening windows and doors should not be subjected to the same testing as fixed glazed curtain wall.


Typically testing will be either a hose or spray bar test as described in CWCT Technical Note 41.


FEASL can act for the client, architect or main contractor to witness on-site testing if required.


Sub-contractors however may benefit as FEASL can advise and manage the testing process on their behalf.


We can arrange for operatives to undertake the testing.


This can be undertaken under the banner of FEASL or, as is often beneficial, by a separate team. This allows FEASL to act as an independent witness.


Prior to testing, Method Statements and drawings marked with agreed test areas should be produced. FEASL can assist with this.


All testing witnessed by FEASL will be supported by written reports and photographic evidence throughout the process.

Hose testing
Spary bay testing

Please contact Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited to discuss your requirements and how we may assist towards a successful testing process.

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