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Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited

Professional, reliable support for all members of the façade design and building envelope construction team.

Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited was founded with a background of nearly 30 years of industry experience with some of the UK’s foremost and largest façade and total building envelope specialist contractors.


During that period an extensive knowledge of the design and installation of façade glazing, rainscreen wall and cladding solutions has been gained and we have liaised with architects, main contractors, engineers and other professional bodies building an extensive understanding of where the provision of the building envelope fenestration works well and where problems can occur.


Director - Calvin Norton

Our vision is to assist in removing these issues and our goal is to provide support for your construction project from start to finish.


We provide a full range of services throughout all phases of the planning, design, construction and management of the building envelope.




Often our work is undertaken for specialist subcontractors to provide and demonstrate solutions to set design criteria imposed upon them. Whilst we relish this, FEA recognise that a more significant impact on the final envelope installation can be made by involvement at an earlier stage.


FEASL can support all members of the project team, please see the pages above for how we can support you.


  • professional support in all phases of your construction project
  • assistance to all members of the project team
  • personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics
  • expert thermal analysis and other design related services
  • installation audits and testing services

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