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2D Finite Element Analysis



Our specialist analysers use finite elemental analysis software “FLIXO ver 8 developed by Infomind or "BISCO ver 10.w" developed by Physibel to undertake 2 dimensional thermal calculations.


Infomind and Phyisbel have specifically designed their software for 2 dimensional thermal simulation and this produces constant and reliable analysis of façade cross-sections, generating thermal performance data and frame U-values according to EN ISO 10077-2.


FLIXO and BISCO are a thermal analysis programs for steady state heat transfer in two-dimensional objects consisting of different materials and submitted to different boundary conditions. The geometry is defined by association of the colours with the physical properties of materials and defining boundary conditions.

They calculate a triangulation for the material colours. The system nodes are located in the triangle vertices. The temperatures in the nodes are calculated, from which all heat flows can be derived.

They allow calculation of thermal quantities as defined by European standards: including temperature factor, linear thermal transmittance, thermal transmittance of a window frame psi values, UF’s and UTJ values.

These simulations benefit from incorporation of Infomind’s radiation module or Physibel’s RADCON module for additional accuracy in analysis by calculating infrared radiation and convection in a more realistic manner than FLIXO or BISCO alone.

We have validated our analysis by performing the ‘ten examples for the validation of the calculation programmers’ from Annex D- British Standard EN ISO 10077-2:2017 using the software.


Material properties such as thermal conductivity (λ values) used in these calculations have been taken from EN 10456:2007, BS EN ISO 10077-2:2017 or directly from the software material databases.

In addition specific product thermal conductivity values may be taken from suppliers’ own literature in the case of the material not being specifically included in the British or  EN Standards. 

The equivalent thermal conductivities of ventilated and unventilated air cavities are calculated by the software in alignment with the applicable direction of heat flow in accordance with BS EN ISO 10077-2 2017.


The results calculated using these methods are then incorporated into U value and condensation risk analysis as required.


Glazing thermal models were analysed using the 'single assessment' method as outlined in BS EN ISO 12631:2012: "Thermal performance of curtain walling.  Calculation of thermal transmittance".


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Material thermal conductivity diagram



Thermal gradient diagram



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