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On Site installation inspections

Careful monitoring of site installations of what may be complex systems can be the difference between a successful project and a problem that causes long term issues for all. Even the best designs rely upon workmanship to ensure the desired result.


FEASL can provide installation inspections, acting for clients or as part of the specialist sub-contractors Quality Assurance procedures.


Long standing experience working with major system houses such as Schüco, Reynaers, Kawneer, and Hueck allows us to provide valuable advice to all of the design and installation team.


FEASL may work with the specialist sub-contractor to provide them with confidence that the installation teams are following the guidelines of the system recommendations and particular details that be bespoke to a project.


We can provide toolbox talks to installers prior to commencement on site and can liaise with them and the contractor’s supervision team as the fitting progresses.


As well as glazing products FEASL can provide a monitoring service for solid wall works.


Alternatively FEASL may act as a representative for clients or Main Contractors to evaluate the installation works on their behalf.


Written and photographic reports will be provided.


Please contact Façade Engineering and Analysis Services Limited for further details of the many ways we can assist you with regard to façade inspections.

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