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Façade condensation risk analysis

FEASL can provide you with accurate façade condensation risk analysis to demonstrate the thermal performance of the building envelope in alignment with prescribed environmental conditions.


This will ensure a façade that does not suffer from unsightly and detrimental condensation that can befall an inappropriate product choice.


Most often our work is undertaken for specialist sub-contractors to provide and demonstrate solutions to criteria imposed upon them but this can be too late to make the most significant impact upon a project and involvement at an earlier stage can be more beneficial to the final result. We would encourage such involvement with architects and their clients and main contractors as early in the life of a project as possible.


Glazing e.g. windows, doors and curtain wall

Glazing frame analysis is undertaken using 2d technics and must be calculated accounting for the actual glazing elements being used on the project. These calculations are not available from a standard database and many different elements can influence and change the final results. The choice of system, glazing and edge spacers are critical to the results and must be assessed in the intended combination but other things, often outside the control of the specialist sub-contractor, may affect the final in-situ performance. Internal finishes etc can alter the heat flow through the façade and these should be taken into account in any analysis. FEASL will liaise with all parties, as needed, to establish an effective product solution.

Evaluating details in conjunction with project specified environmental conditions FEASL will identify surface temperatures that may give cause for concern and can advise on methods of alleviating these.


Often the extremes of temperature given within a project specification may show a theoretical risk when analysis is undertaken. In practice, this combination of condition is unlikely to occur simultaneously and FEASL will provide alternative analysis advising on more probable outcomes, if required, to allow an informed risk analysis to be accepted by all members of the project design team.

Thermal gradient diagram
Diagram showing dew point temp postion

Non vision elements - walls

Wall elements, such as rainscreens, benefit from assessment using mathematical analysis in accordance with the methods of BS 5250.

If required, additional 3 dimensional calculations can be undertaken to include for any influence of cold bridging penetrations.

Please see our dedicated page for further details.

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